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MAPACHO: Everything you need to know about Mapacho and Tobacco

The mapacho is a kind of natural and powerful tobacco, without chemicals.
It is very different from cigarettes, since it is considered here in the Amazon that it is not carcinogenic,
the place of origin, as we well know, is from the entire American continent. When it is smoked we use it as a way to clear energy; of a space and a person.
It is also said that the mapacho helps to invoke the power of other medicinal plants.



What does huachuma mean?

The word wachuma, in Quechua, literally means, “to be headless, head off, cut off the head, cut off the ego.” The Spanish Jesuit monks, upon arriving in the new world and coming into contact for the first time with the rituals that had this plant, were surprised with the therapeutic and spiritual capacity of the wachuma. These, in turn, quickly understood the healing power of the echinopsis pachanoi and named it the Saint Peter’s cactus, in honor of the patron saint of the Catholic Church and custodian of the gates of heaven.

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