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MAPACHO: Everything you need to know about Mapacho and Tobacco

The mapacho is a kind of natural and powerful tobacco, without chemicals.
It is very different from cigarettes, since it is considered here in the Amazon that it is not carcinogenic,
the place of origin, as we well know, is from the entire American continent. When it is smoked we use it as a way to clear energy; of a space and a person.
It is also said that the mapacho helps to invoke the power of other medicinal plants.

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KAMBO: Healing with Kambo

A great heavenly ritual, which has been made known over the years, to obtain absolute immunity in our body, called the Kambo, therefore, the person obtains the powers of the kambo through the spirits of mother nature, obtained here in the Peruvian Amazon by many tribes.

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What does huachuma mean?

The word wachuma, in Quechua, literally means, “to be headless, head off, cut off the head, cut off the ego.” The Spanish Jesuit monks, upon arriving in the new world and coming into contact for the first time with the rituals that had this plant, were surprised with the therapeutic and spiritual capacity of the wachuma. These, in turn, quickly understood the healing power of the echinopsis pachanoi and named it the Saint Peter’s cactus, in honor of the patron saint of the Catholic Church and custodian of the gates of heaven.

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Remember that through these projects we support and create development and sustainability. We work closely with small families who depend on natural resources for their own consumption and to earn a living. They also want to share their traditional wisdom, health care and resistance-building practices.

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🌿 Mayantop’s Blog: Dive into the Heartbeat of Nature and Tradition! 🌟

Welcome to the beating heart of Mayantop, where the stories of our enchanting journey unfold in the form of words, wisdom, and wonders! 📖✨

At Mayantop, we’re not just an e-commerce store; we’re your portal to a world deeply intertwined with the Kukama and Matses tribes and their vibrant cultures. Our name, Mayantop, is more than a label; it’s a testament to the harmonious partnership we’ve forged. Our mission? To take you on a transformative odyssey, immersing you in the unspoiled purity of 100% natural products and unlocking the extraordinary healing potential of indigenous remedies for your body and soul.

🍃 Shamanic Tales Unveiled: Meet our esteemed team, including shamans Jose Rios and Jhunandiel Miranda, as they graciously share the profound wisdom rooted in our ancient culture. Every blog post is a journey into the heart of Amazonian history, an opportunity to delve into the transformative power of tradition, and a chance to learn from the very guardians of our heritage.

🌲 Unity in Diversity: Mayantop stands not only with the Kukama and Matses tribes but also in solidarity with the Huitotos, Shipibos, Ticunas, and more native communities. Our blog is a vibrant canvas, collectively painting the essence of the Amazonian rainforest. Through captivating narratives, you’ll witness the diverse tapestry of nature and culture, each post offering a glimpse into a world that is as rich as it is authentic.

🌏 Sustainability Chronicles: Explore the stories behind your favorite products and the impact they have on the sustainable development of indigenous communities. Every purchase from Mayantop is a step towards a brighter, more sustainable future for all. Our blog unveils the behind-the-scenes efforts, making you a part of the positive change with every read.

💡 Educate, Inspire, Transform: Mayantop’s blog isn’t just about products; it’s about knowledge, inspiration, and transformation. Whether you’re seeking tips for holistic wellness, cultural insights, or sustainable living, our blog is your go-to resource for a well-rounded and enriching experience.

🌟 Join the Conversation: Dive into our blog, where emotions flow, stories unfold, and the magic of Mayantop comes to life. Immerse yourself in the written tapestry of nature and tradition, and let each post be a step closer to the heart of our vibrant community.

Thank you for being a vital part of our journey. Together, through the words and wonders of Mayantop’s blog, let’s celebrate the beauty of nature, tradition, and transformation. 🙏🌺✨