RAPÉ SNUFF – YOPO + ASH / 5gr at 100gr / – (Anadenanthera Peregrina) – 100 % Natural

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RAPÉ SNUFF YOPO ASH FOR SALE (Anadenanthera Peregrina)


Description of the Product:

RAPÉ SNUFF YOPO ASH (Anadenanthera Peregrina) is a traditional snuff preparation made from the seeds of the Yopo tree (Anadenanthera peregrina) combined with ash. This unique and culturally significant product is commonly used in shamanic and spiritual ceremonies by indigenous communities throughout South America.

Pros and Cons of the Product:


  1. Cultural Significance: RAPÉ SNUFF YOPO ASH holds a deep cultural and spiritual significance, connecting users to the traditions and wisdom of indigenous tribes.
  2. Spiritual Exploration: It is valued for its potential to induce altered states of consciousness, enhance spiritual experiences, and facilitate inner exploration.
  3. Healing Properties: In indigenous practices, it is often used for its perceived healing properties, addressing physical and emotional ailments.


  1. Adverse Effects: When used improperly or without guidance, RAPÉ SNUFF YOPO ASH can lead to side effects such as nausea, vomiting, and psychological distress.
  2. Legality: The sale and use of Yopo and its preparations may be subject to legal restrictions in some regions.
  3. Intense Experience: The profound experiences induced by Yopo can be overwhelming, potentially causing discomfort or fear in inexperienced users.

Uses Given to the Product:

Spiritual and Healing Applications

  1. Spiritual Insight: RAPÉ SNUFF YOPO ASH is often used by shamans and individuals seeking spiritual insights, deep meditation, and connection with the divine.
  2. Cleansing and Purification: It is believed to cleanse the mind, body, and spirit, helping to remove negative energies and emotional blockages.
  3. Healing: Some indigenous communities use Yopo for its perceived healing properties, addressing both physical and emotional issues.

Instructions on How to Use It:

Safe and Respectful Usage

  1. Preparation: RAPÉ SNUFF YOPO ASH is typically prepared by experienced individuals. Yopo seeds are ground into a fine powder and mixed with ash, creating the snuff.
  2. Administration: A shaman or guide carefully administers the snuff through a pipe or tube, gently blowing it into the user’s nostrils.
  3. Setting: It is crucial to use Yopo in a ceremonial or ritual setting led by an experienced shaman or facilitator.
  4. Intention: Before usage, set a clear intention for your experience, whether it’s for healing, personal growth, or spiritual insight.

What Other Names It is Known By:

Alternate Names Worldwide

  1. Yopo Ash Snuff: A common term used to describe this preparation.
  2. Anadenanthera Peregrina Ash Snuff: Referring to the scientific name of the Yopo tree and the use of ash in the preparation.

Mayantop products are obtained and marketed in a pure state and of 100% natural origin to native communities. They do not contain any type of pesticide, chemical, herbicide or any other substance that is artificial.

  • These effects of this product are supported by the empirical experience of ancient traditional medicine with excellent results. The absence of harmful side effects if administered within the correct dose. But the information identified here is in no way an ordinance or prescription.
  • The use of these natural products does not replace a medical consultation.
  • All products are legal in our country of origin, it is the responsibility of the client to investigate the legality of this in the country of destination.
  • The statements and links to websites contained therein have not been evaluated by the FDA and international food and drug authorities.
  • In no way imply medical claims regarding the ability or efficacy of any of our products to treat, prevent or mitigate any illness or disease.
  • The use and application of our products is the sole responsibility of the customer.

Customer Reviews

9 reviews

9 reviews for RAPÉ SNUFF – YOPO + ASH / 5gr at 100gr / – (Anadenanthera Peregrina) – 100 % Natural

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  1. Max

    The product is firmly packed.

  2. Nicholas

    Good quality.

  3. David

    The product is firmly packed.

  4. Ryder

    Good service.

  5. Robert

    Good quality.

  6. Richard

    Good service.

  7. Min-jun

    Your dedication to customer care is profound,

  8. Luis

    A moment of gratitude for this timely delivery,

  9. Verified owner michael.atkinson

    I bought
    RAPÉ SNUFF – YOPO + ASH / 5gr at 100gr / – (Anadenanthera Peregrina) – 100 % Natural – 100gr

    This product is described as:

    INTENSITY: very strong.

    USES: cleanses the body, facilitates spiritual connection.

    MEDICNAL USES: induces awareness, appreciating reality releases good spirits.

    I was certainly hoping for more of the above description than what I experienced. It was a nice body buzz, and a good experience but no visions, sounds, elevation to a mysterious world, or able to connect with beings from beyond. I’m always spiritually connected.

    I am leaving this review just to inform others of my experience.

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