JERGON SACHA POWDER / 200gr at 2kg – (Dracontium Loretense) – Herbs Powdered 100% Natural CORMO

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JERGON SACHA POWDER: Unveiling the Power of Dracontium Loretense


Description of the Product

Jergon Sacha Powder, derived from the Dracontium Loretense plant, is a natural botanical treasure with a rich history of traditional use in South America. This fine powder, made from the root of the plant, is known for its potential health benefits and versatile applications. Let’s explore the intriguing world of Jergon Sacha Powder.

Pros and Cons of the Product


  1. Traditional Medicine: Jergon Sacha has been used for generations in traditional Amazonian medicine to address various health concerns.
  2. Digestive Aid: It is believed to have digestive properties, aiding in soothing stomach discomfort and promoting healthy digestion.
  3. Potential Anti-Inflammatory: Some studies suggest that Jergon Sacha may possess anti-inflammatory properties, which could benefit those with inflammatory conditions.
  4. Natural Remedy: As a plant-based product, it is often preferred by individuals seeking natural remedies.


  1. Limited Research: There is limited scientific research on Jergon Sacha, and its safety and effectiveness may vary among individuals.
  2. Taste: The taste of Jergon Sacha Powder may be strong and bitter, which can be a drawback for those with sensitive palates.
  3. Possible Side Effects: Excessive consumption may lead to adverse effects, so moderation is key.
  4. Not a Miracle Cure: It’s important to note that Jergon Sacha is not a cure-all and should not replace medical advice or treatment for serious health conditions.

Uses of the Product

Jergon Sacha Powder can be employed in several ways:

  1. Traditional Medicine: It is traditionally used to address digestive issues, inflammation, and general discomfort.
  2. Digestive Health: Some individuals turn to Jergon Sacha as a natural remedy for digestive problems.
  3. Anti-Inflammatory Support: It may offer support for conditions associated with inflammation.
  4. Herbal Teas: Jergon Sacha can be brewed into herbal teas for its potential health benefits.

Instructions on How to Use It To make the most of Jergon Sacha Powder, follow these guidelines:

  1. Tea Preparation: Steep 1-2 teaspoons of Jergon Sacha Powder in hot water for 5-10 minutes to make a soothing tea.
  2. Dosage: Consume Jergon Sacha in moderation. Start with a small amount and monitor how your body responds.

What Other Names It Is Known By

Jergon Sacha is sometimes referred to as “Sacha Jergon” or “Dracontium Loretense.”


Mayantop products are obtained and marketed in a pure state and of 100% natural origin to native communities. They do not contain any type of pesticide, chemical, herbicide or any other substance that is artificial.

  • These effects of this product are supported by the empirical experience of ancient traditional medicine with excellent results. The absence of harmful side effects if administered within the correct dose. But the information identified here is in no way an ordinance or prescription.
  • The use of these natural products does not replace a medical consultation.
  • All products are legal in our country of origin, it is the responsibility of the client to investigate the legality of this in the country of destination.
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Customer Reviews

8 reviews

8 reviews for JERGON SACHA POWDER / 200gr at 2kg – (Dracontium Loretense) – Herbs Powdered 100% Natural CORMO

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