Palo Santo for sale here, we have safe and practical packaging, as well as the best prices. Connect your shamanic ceremony with this delicious aroma. We also have Copal incense, in addition to the always natural Flowering Baths that should not be missed before and after your ceremonies.

Welcome to Mayantop ™ the new experience in 100% natural products from the Peruvian Amazon, buy all Mapacho, Kambo, Ayahuasca, Chakapa, Sananga, Mambe, San Pedro, Coca Leaf, Ambil – Ampiri, Rapé Palo Santo and much more. Find here the products that we send all over the world at the best price. Enjoy buying and contributing to the sustainable development of our native communities. We guarantee the best quality of our products, we strive with great love on each package we send, and we are very grateful and satisfied for it.

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