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Wholesale - Mayantop

We have hundreds of products obtained directly from the Amazon, at a fair price and without intermediaries.

Consult also about our Dropshipping service that consists of the following way:

1.- You place the order with us for the product you want.
2.- You send us the data of your client, only name and address (Phone and mail are not necessary)
3.- We take care of sending the product to your client

And this is how this service works that we offer to wholesale customers, remember that this promotion at wholesale prices is only valid for a minimum of 10 orders per month.

We have absolute discretion, we do not send any identification of our brand, if you want we can place your brand inside the package.

Thank you for your interest in our wholesale products. Please complete the following form to request more information. Once we receive your inquiry we will contact you shortly. For contact Click Here

If you’re looking for a product and can’t find it, contact us “We’ll get it for you” 💙


OUR PRODUCTS     🆗”Click Here”✅:

Kambo – Ayahuasca – Chacruna – Chaliponga – San Pedro – Sananga – Rapes – Mapacho – Tobacco – Yopo – Sangre De Grado – Copaiba Oil – Bobinsana – Brunfelsia – Copal – 7 Roots – Clavo Huasca – Kuraca – Cumaceba – Mate – Reishi – Abuta – Cacao – Guanabana – Huacapurana – Ilex Guayusa – Ajosacha – Chancapiedra – Jergon Sacha – Malva – Suelda Consuelda – Guanabana – Chuchuhuasi – Cat’s Claw – Mucura – Noni – Paico – Piñon Colorado – Piri Piri – Sacha Canela – Cumala – Cetico – Virola – Pashaca – Mambe – Camu Camu – Guayaba – Maca – Macambo – Chakapa – Kuripes – Tepis – Palo Santo Wood – Jurema Preta – Palo Santo Oil – Rose Wood – Rose Wood Oil – Snuff – Tabaco For Rape – Handicrafts – Ingredients For Rape and so many more products.


Say hello, on our support

Contact us is if you have questions about the service, or need recommendations on how to use our products. You can also contact us for whatever you want.

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